Sizzler Toast at Home!

I don’t know if you have heard but Sizzler might be going away …. it’s a tradition for many Aussie families and like it or not, it at least has some healthy food options for the whole family.

The one standard has been the cheesy bread and you don’t even have to order it … it just comes out ? … well now some Sizzler staff have spilt the beans on the recipe (not that you needed it haha)


• Butter or margarine

• Kraft Parmesan Cheese

• Thick white bread


• In a bowl, mix equal parts butter or margarine with the parmesan cheese to create a paste.

• Spread the paste on one side of the bread.

• Fry the bread paste side down over a medium heat until golden brown while resting a flat plate or lid on top so the bread steams.

You’re welcome.

Or you can watch Greg do it ….