How To Make Money From Old or Broken Jewellery Without Leaving Your Home … I Did and It Was Awesome!



For over 10 years I have had a box of old jewellery sitting on my dressing table collecting dust.  Some of it is still precious to me as they were gifts from my parents when I was a girl which I plan to give my girls when they are older. Other pieces were gifts from past boyfriends, broken or I just didn’t like anymore but I knew were too valuable to throw out.

You can imagine when I was contacted by Gold Buyers Mail In to try out their service it sparked my interest.  One less thing lying around the house that I don’t use or wear anymore plus I can make money out of it and I don’t have to leave the house.  Sounds too good to be true.

Essentially Gold Buyers Mail In are a company who take your  broken and unworn jewellery all from the convenience, security and privacy of your own home via Gold Buyers Mail In service.  Another thing to note is the gold price in AUD is currently high so it is a great time to sell unwanted gold.

I decided to give it a go and document my experience to let y’all know how it works.

Firstly I filled out a form on their website requesting they send me a mail in pack.  So how this mail in pack works is you request a pack to be sent to you via the website free of charge.  Gold Buyers then send a pack to your home which you receive anywhere from 2 days to a week depending on where in Australia you are located (pictured below).


In the pack there is a return pre paid envelope where you pop your unwanted gold jewellery along with some forms that you need to fill out.


You find the jewellery you want to get rid of place it in the envelope and fill out the forms with all of your details, licence number and information.   Below is a picture of the jewellery I was personally sending in that I no longer wanted to get valued for free.


I popped this all in the reply paid envelope and went to my local Aus post and handed it over the counter to be sent to Gold Buyers.  The reply paid envelope is registered so there is little risk of losing it and if it does get lost it is covered by insurance.  You just need to make sure you hand it in at an Aus so they scan it in so you can track it until it arrives to Gold Buyers.

Once I sent my parcel in I waited another week or so for an e-mail from them which acknowledged they received my unwanted gold jewellery and had valued it for specific itemised amounts.

The e-mail read …

“Good afternoon Samantha,

We received your items this morning and have valued them.

Please read over the attached valuation. If you are happy to proceed with the sale of your items and agree to the terms and declaration presented on the attached transaction receipt, please respond to this email advising us in writing (example below):

‘I would like to proceed with the sale of my items. I agree to the terms and declaration on the transaction receipt.’

Payment will be made the same day that we receive your written confirmation that you would like to sell your items and the remittance will be emailed to you. 

If you choose not to sell your items to us please advise us in writing and we will return them to you free of charge.  


Your Gold Buyers Mail In Valuation sam GoodFunnySmart Mail

The first thing I thought was $132 woohoo!  So at this point I had to decide whether I was happy with their valuation and was going to take the money or whether I wanted them to send my jewellery back free of charge.  As you can image I was happy to take the money.

I e-mailed them back that day saying I would like to proceed and within a few hours had payment confirmation.

Your payment from Gold Buyers Mail In sam GoodFunnySmart Mail

And that was it!  I had a few less things sitting on my bedroom dresser and $132 in the bank.  It was a winning day!

If you have any unwanted gold jewellery hanging around your house and you want to cash it in then visit the Gold Buyers mail in page to see how it works.

If you feel like you know how it works based on my experience then you can visit this page direct to request your mail in pack today.

And remember they value your items and contact you with valuation same day as receiving your parcel. If you are happy to sell they transfer funds the same day or if you decide not to sell they return items free of charge.