Check Out What This Guy Looked Like After Drinking 10 Cans of Coke A Day for A Month

Everybody already knows that Coco-Cola is not a healthy drink and contains an epic amount of sugar but this guy wanted to show the world exactly what it does to you when you drink it in excess.

George Prior, from LA, wanted to show the world what a sweet tooth will do to you if you don’t control it.

He committed to drinking 10 cans of coke a day for a month and documenting the process and what it did to him.

Below is what happened …


The results were somewhat extreme as you can see via the scales below.  His body weight increased quite significantly over the 4 weeks.

This guy drank ten cans of Coke a day. Here’s what he looked like after a month...

On the left is when he started and on the right is when he finished after his month.


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