The Best Breakfast in Sydney?


I love me a bit of breaky at any time of day. I pretty much order from the breakfast section of a menu anytime before 6pm haha

Last week I was in Sydney (visiting) and I ordered a breakfast which may just be the most delicious breakfast I have ever ordered!  It certainly wasn’t the biggest breakfast even excluding buffets but it was absolutely enough food. I’m getting seriously hungry typing about it 🙂

What Was it?

A simple combination of flavours which worked so well. Its called the Smash and hash!

Perhaps I was just famished LOL … but the onions, hash cakes, bacon, sour dough and poached eggs (to perfection) and the hollandaise. Someone got this exactly right and judging by the busy crowd I’d say that happens a lot here.


The coffee was good too. I was a bit too distracted by the food to examine the coffee too closely but it was a great match.

Where Was It?

We only found the place because the QT reception staff recommended it but Porch and Parlour is opposite the North Bondi surf club I want to say. An amazing little cafe and absolutely worth a visit if you are ever in Bondi, Sydney or NSW haha


I’m going back as soon as possible!