Save up to 40% on an eBay Purchase

Its true … you can buy something on ebay at the moment for over $50 and save $20 off the price! Many ebay users have a promo code at the moment in their account that they can use at checkout to magically take $20 off any purchase over $50 by simply using the mobile phone […]

Getting Permanent Makeup: Before & After!

If you have ever wondered what this looks like check it out below … I just don’t think I could do this because you can’t really take it back easily plus could you imagine if they stuffed it up …

How To Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save a little cash … whether its for a holiday or just saving up to get your own place, a vehicle or whatever! Here are some simple tips to save some money and get the bank account moving in the right direction. Tips are from Rachelleea